Æthelmearc Order of Chivalry
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The Order of Chivalry
of the Kingdom of the Æthelmearc


As set down in the Governing Documents for the Society for Creative Anachronism,

The Chivalry consists of two equal parts: Knighthood and Mastery of Arms. No one may belong to both parts of the order at one time. When a member is admitted to the Chivalry by the Sovereign, the choice of which part of the order to join is made by the new member. The candidate must be considered the equal of his or her prospective peers with the basic weapons of tournament combat. To become a Knight, the candidate must swear fealty to the Crown of his or her kingdom.

In addition to the requirements for membership in all of the peerages -

the Chivalry in specific have the follow specific duties:

To see a list of the current members of the Order click here .



If you know of a gentle living in, or a subject of, the Kingdom of Æthelmearc who have these qualities, and you feel they should be considered for this award, please send a recommendation letter to one or more of the following:

The Crown ,

The Heirs , and the

Chivalry Clerk .

Sending a letter to one or all of them will get the person added to our list which will bring the gentle you recommend to the attention of all the members of the Order. Whichever you do, a courtesy copy to the clerk is always a good idea.

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